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There are no sheer issues with Minors, A35 's or indeed the Morris Oxford which uses similar legs but with a much heavier car. David Billington That has been suggested previously in earlier discussions, though perhaps not explained as such on this thread. One idea is that the Sun is losing enough mass, via fusion and the solar wind, to gradually be losing its gravitational grip see Astronomical unit may need to be redefined.

You claim it to be true and scientific so please for the love of G-d produce a testable theory- bc without a TESTABLE theory it is not science please review the scientific method and tell me where evolution fits in when it is not testable nor predictable!

Military knew from day one when he came on this planet. LOL March 29, at 2: Not much demand then, to encourage suppliers to invest in specials.

Or that the movie is based on real events and Spielberg was in on the conspiracy? Even those who came up with Evolution theories Darwin, etc said that the order of the Earth was too perfect to just naturally happen, there must be a hand guiding it towards what it needs.

Maybe another reason why wrong specced bearings are not generally being returned as not fit for purpose. The first solution remains the correct bearings for the job.

Probably not, some would believe, some would say it was not Noah, some would say that the evidence was fake; some would say Aliens put it there. Otherwise, simply put, when your fwbs are worn out, you won't be able to replace them without a bodge, or a new set of hubs.

Pay more for a component which has a number of improvements over the original, or pay less for originals with their lower specs. It requires another being to help with this process. Once we are placed in the body we cannot remove ourself from the body. David Billington Graeme this is what we did to our Minor hubs to fit the Midget.

Of course, it will all be sold as being for the good of all people, and again, the fact that an embedded chip is far more difficult to steal than cash will likely be one of the selling points.

MG Midget and Sprite Technical Oh no, not......Front Hub Brgs! Wohoo! BBS discussion at MG-Cars.net

Rather, issues relating to patent and copyright law regarding who, if anyone, has rights to the information from the extraterrestrial civilization would be the primary legal problem. When the ET intrudes Lou is in a 3D brain and it is very difficult.

I'm not sure just how representative this forum is of the total number of MG Midget owners, or indeed of the membership numbers. That bank immediately lent the money to someone else. Time as it is now was formalized not too long ago. April 1, at 8: We should all be able to act like adults and discuss instead of arguing saying I'm right and you're wrong.

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Many Terran aquatic animals have developed protective outer eye shields for underwater use So please, until you can make accurate educated and informed comment I'd rather you did not malign our products.

This is a classic example of how media is used to twist the truth, they will take one wing nut that takes shit way to far and throw it on everyone who wishing to have more transparency in Government more control over what is voted on, and more of a voice in congress.

Raspberry also mentioned, more ominously when one understand the agenda, that every single transaction would create a record which could then be used for criminal Extraterrestrails research, as cheques, bank accounts and credit card records are used presently. The people I talk about are those who come from a place in their heart, a place of authentic originality and place of caring and love.

If there really is a UFO conspiracy, it's surely the worst-kept secret in history. Add in that the correct bearings were still readily available up to around 5 years ago, then the demand must be quite low. So not only are humans abducted for the Grey's hybridization program; other human looking aliens who marry humans are having hybrid offspring regularly.The Dr.

Edgar Mitchell FREE Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Experiencers, or FREE, a c3 academic research foundation, comprised of 11 Ph.D. physicists, scientists, neuroscientists and lay researchers, will be publishing a book analyzing the data of our FREE Experiencer Research Study.

The Alien Research Center is the gateway to Area 51 We are the clearing house for everything Area 51, UFO, Paranormal and Military. "Crystal bowls are used for balancing out the chakras with the sounds they produce, these sounds go back thousands of years and are very ancient.

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Jun 13,  · Posted In Forum. Click here to participate in the FREE Experiencer Research Study and here for instructions. NEW! To review our Initial Research Data Summary from December,click here.

Extraterrestrails research
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