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Reeder Returns, published by Stoichedon writing a letter inhas SBN indicating the publisher, their serial number. There is none afterwards. No letter of the text of was written in this space. I returned to Paris in May and re-examined the stone in the light of new improvements.

When one inspects Meritt's recent analyses of calendric material, it seems very curious that my publication of tables like the one below in BCH and Marble should have drawn the fire of the Princeton scholars.

An Athenian decree This Athenian decree governs the organization of public finances at the end of the fifth century BC. Also, the characters are reversed, or mirrored.

One of the most famous epigraphs in the world is the Rosetta Stone, on display in the British Museum, which has a special meaning for those interested in linguistics, as it has three codes engraved on it: One who studies the stone and applies water will see that these letters are fresher than the text itself and are clearly graffiti.

To the right is the beta, which admittedly does not come up too well on the reduced black and white photograph, but is quite clear in color with loss of about one quarter of the lower loop in a scar.

I see on the enlargements the sign for talents in the first two letter-spaces, and the sign for five hundred drachmai in the third, as was reported in Marble, p. The preceding letter space is more problematic.

The omicron, phi, omicron, rho then become clear to the right. His words are crucial for these images because the drawings would not exist without them. The text has nothing to do with any "claims" made by the tamiai, nor with an empty treasury.

It is most deceptive, whether because of the earlier text I do not know.


It is a mixture of majuscule and minuscule letters. The printer has been misled by Meritt in this line since there are two successive brackets facing in the same direction. The early history of the settlement is obscure, in spite of a survey carried out, with permission of the Turkish authorities.

However unlike Egyptian hieroglyphs with their numerous ideograms and logograms which show an easy directionality, the lineal direction of the text in hieroglyphic Luwian is harder to see.

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Several theories exist about what Hellenic dialect groups may have existed between the divergence of early Greek-like speech from the common Proto-Indo-European language and the Classical period and they have the same general outline, but differ in some of the detail.

December Historically, letters have existed from the time of ancient Indiaancient Egypt and Sumerthrough RomeGreece and Chinaup to the present day.

One sees in the interspace below scratches as for a nu; and these fortuitous marks may have been taken by Meritt for a letter; but they are not part of our text. By analogy, the term may be used in areas to describe this kind of alternation of motion or writing.

Minuscule- The term for lower case letters. This brings us to the subject of photographs of the document, and to suggestions as to how improvements may be made in further decipherment.

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The only way to establish the text here is to determine what the earlier letters were and then to isolate the remaining traces to see what they suggest. I refer to that part of his text which reads: This numeral is clear on all slides and should be added to my text.

At the telegraph office closest to the destination, the signal was converted back into writing on paper and delivered to the recipient. Several of these areas will be mentioned in the following commentary. But in several lines, which are not formulaic, complete words cannot be read, and we must await the next attempt at decipherment, possibly in the use of macrophotography.Naukratis: Greeks in Egypt | 4 The inscription for Metrodoros (2) is a fine piece of lettering, good stoichedon with punctuation, and would seem to be of c.

– BC in. Woodward (JHS 48 [] ) notes that in the fifth-century inventories of Athena there was a change from a stoichedon text of about letters per line to a more closely spaced text of about 90 letters.

The last stoichedon text dates from the 3rd century CE and is the genealogical inscription from the Heroon of Oenoanda in Lycia.

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The idiom was less common in Latin epigraphy, a. Identify the stone measurements, scale of lettering, number of letters in stoichedon, etc. Note: by clicking on the screen when you are looking at a PHI inscription, you can remove all the restorations. The term "stoichedon" refers to an arrangement of the lettering of an inscribed document in which the letters are cut in a grid pattern with the letters of each line vertically aligned with those of the preceding and following lines.

The Cutter of Agora I began work in the last years of the fourth century and continued inscribing down to about the year The addenda to the list of inscriptions is given. The I Cutter has a marked preference for arranging his letters on the stone stoichedon.

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Stoichedon writing a letter
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